The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English

I can’t entirely agree that they’re the hundred MOST beautiful words in the English language…but their beauty and elegance is irrefutable.


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Halloween 2013


Spring 2013


pieph ole
May 2013

pieph ole

May 2013



Central Park

July 2013

A Step

This photo here marks the first entry into my next photographic study: personal change. The project is, as of yet, untitled, but the process is that I will take/have taken one unedited (self-)portrait every day for the next year. The goal is to observe how the interior reflects upon the façade. 

The inspiration comes from a question I realize I’ve asked myself any number of times over the past few years, “Who is this person staring back at me in the mirror? Who the hell is this?”—which is a sensation that perhaps a few of you can relate to. 

So, what exactly is changing when our internal representation of self shifts? How quickly can/does this happen? Can it be identified? What does one year’s maturation look like?

Let’s find out. 

I’ll see you back here in one year’s time.